Madawaska Adventures (Part 1)

Madawaska Adventures (Part 1)

Edmundston Snowmobiling

Total Distance: 145 km

Afternoon at Lake Baker

From Travelodge Hotel in Edmundston, rev up your machine and get on your way to Upper Madawaska by taking trail 12, and then trail 39.

Enjoy the beautiful scenic views of mountains and elevations found on the 39.

This track will eventually turn into trail 41. Keep going until you reach the 109 on your right. Complete the 109, which will lead you to the 102. Then, take a left on the 103.

On these last two trails, you’ll enjoy magnificent scenic views of Unique Lake and Lake Baker.

You can stop for a coffee at the restaurant of the R. J. Bélanger camping site or have a light snack by the lake.

Come back to Travelodge in Edmundston by continuing on trail 103 and turning right on trail 107, which connects to trail 39.

In a nutshell: Half a day round trip, about 145 km (90 miles)

• Starting point: Trail 12 from Travelodge

• Ride on trails 39, 41, 109, 102 and 103 to get to Lake Baker

• Stop at the restaurant of the R. J. Bélanger camping site

• Come back via trails 103, 107, 39, and 12

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