Crazy trip from Campbellton to Edmundston

Crazy trip from Campbellton to Edmundston

Edmundston Restigouche Snowmobiling

Total Distance: 500 km

This cool trip is based on a suggestion by Dave Brewster, vice president of the Nepisiguit Sports Lodge. Read our full interview here.

After a good night sleep at the Comfort Inn in Campbellton, hop on trail 232 to reach trail 17.

After leaving the city, stop by at the Restigouche Snowmobile Club for a coffee and a chat with other sledders.

Continue on trail 17 until you arrive in Kedgwick, where you can stop for lunch.

You’ll find food and gas directly on the trail there either at O’Régal Restaurant & Motel or at JMC Pizzeria, which are both located near a gas station.

Get back on trail 17 and ride until you get to Moose Valley Sporting Lodge. Enjoy the scenery of this wooded area with all its beautiful elevations.

Take some time to relax, stretch your legs and have a coffee at Moose Valley Sporting Lodge.

Hit trail 17 again in direction of Edmundston. At its junction with no. 12, take a left, and then finish the trip on no. 131, which will lead you straight to Comfort Inn.

While you’re there, why not plan a cool night out at the Grey Rock Casino for great food and entertainment!

For your return trip after a restful night at Comfort Inn, take an alternate route to explore some more of our province.

Take trail 131, continue on the 12 and then ride all the way down to Saint-Léonard. You can stop either at McDonald’s or Subway for a coffee.

You’ll also find a Shell off trail 12 where you’ll want to tank up for the ride ahead of you.

Continue on trail 12 for a short while and then turn left on the 19. Ride on this track surrounded only with pristine nature for about 75 km (47 miles) until you arrive in Saint-Quentin.

In Saint-Quentin, stop at Pizza Delight (trail 204 off trail 19) for a delicious meal accompanied with some garlic fingers, an East Coast specialty. You’ll also find gas stations by taking trails 205 and 202.

Get back to trail 19 and then continue on the 28, which will lead you straight to trail 17 back in Kedgwick. Get back to your hotel in Campbellton via trails 17 and 232.

In a nutshell: 2-day round trip of about 500 km

  • Starting point: Comfort Inn in Campbellton
  • Take trail 232 to reach trail 17
  • Coffee break at Restigouche Snowmobile Club
  • Ride on trail 17 down to Kedgwick for food and gas
  • Continue on this track to get to Moose Valley Sporting Lodge and stop for a break
  • Get to Comfort Inn in Edmundston via trails 19, 12 and 131
  • Plan a night out at the casino
  • The next morning, ride on trails 131 and 12 to get to Saint-Leonard for gas and a coffee
  • Reach trail 19 via the 12. Enjoy the beautiful scenic views of nature on trail 19
  • Stop at Pizza Delight in Saint-Quentin
  • Continue on trail 19. Then, take trails 28, 17 and 232 to get back to Comfort Inn in Campbellton



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