Northwest Roundtrip from Bathurst

Northwest Roundtrip from Bathurst

Edmundston Restigouche Chaleur Region Snowmobiling

Total Distance: 443 km

Estimated time: 13 h

After a hearty breakfast at the Atlantic Host in Bathurst, head east on trail 19.

Stop for a short visit or a coffee at the Chaleur Snowmobile Club.

Continue on trail 19 and turn right on the 308, which connects to the 22.

Take a light snack or a coffee at beautiful Island Lake Lodge on trail 22.

Head northwest on the 22 and then ride on the 259, which runs adjacent to Fourteen Mile Lake. Turn right on 255 towards Campbellton.

Turn right on trail 17 and pass in front of beautiful Sugarloaf mountain. Finish your ride for the day at Quality Inn in Campbellton. Have a great meal at Brasserie 1026 found at the same location.

The next morning, take back the 17 until you reach Restigouche Snowmobile Club. Drop by and mingle with the locals around a good cup of coffee.

Continue on trail 17 until you arrive in Kedgwick. Have a comforting lunch at O’Régal Restaurant found directly on the 17. You’ll also find a gas station close by.

Keep going on trail 17 and turn left on the 28. Stay on the 28 for a while and then take a sharp left on the 19.

Trail 19 offers scenic views like no other since it runs across the Mount Carleton Provincial Park. Make sure you bring a good camera with you!

Follow trail 19 up to Bathurst. Stop at the Atlantic Host again for the night and relax at the lounge or by the pool in the evening.

In a nutshell: 1-day round trip, about 450 km (280 miles)

•    Starting point: Atlantic Host in Bathurst

•    Take trail 19 and stop at the Chaleur Snowmobile Club
•    Take trails 19, 308, and 22
•    Stop at Island Lake Lodge for a light snack or a coffee
•    Take trails 22, 259, and 17
•    Stop at Brasserie 1026 and Quality Inn in Campbellton
•    Take back trail 17
•    Pit stop at O’Régal Restaurant and the gas station located nearby
•    Continue on trail 17, 28, and 19
•    Finish your trip at Atlantic Host in Bathurst



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