One-day Acadian Adventure

One-day Acadian Adventure

Chaleur Region Acadian Peninsula Snowmobiling

Total Distance: 220 km

Estimated time: 5h30

This awesome loop can be started from different locations or hotels in Caraquet. We’ll simply start the indications from De la gare Street where you can take trail 19.

Ride on the 19 until you arrive at Inkerman Lake. Cross the beautiful lake via trail 48, which runs through Inkerman.

When you arrive in Tracadie, keep left on the 370. You will find many restaurants and cafés in town on Principale Street, at the end of the 370.

After a coffee break or a light snack, continue your tour around the Peninsula by getting back on trail 370 and then turning left on trail 48 on the river.

Turn right on trail 23 and ride toward Allardville. Discover some remote wooded areas of the Peninsula as you move more inland.

If you need a break, you can stop at Relais Allardville Lodge, located on trail 376, where they serve lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee.

Once you’ve passed Allardville, take trail 19 again on your right and drive up north.

Continue on trail 331 for some of the most breathtaking views you could ever imagine of the Chaleur Bay.

When you get close to Road 135 on the 331, start looking out for Pokeshaw Rock, a hidden treasure located right by the coastline in the Chaleur Bay.

Keep riding on trail 331 and reach back trail 19 in direction of Caraquet.

Enjoy beautiful coastal landscapes of the Caraquet Bay and finish your trek of the day at your hotel in Caraquet.

In a nutshell: 1-day round trip, about 220 km (137 miles)

  • Starting point: Reach trail 19 on De la gare Street
  • Reach trail 48 in Inkerman
  • Arrive in Tracadie via trails 48 and 370
  • Get back to trail 48 to reach the 23
  • Stop at Relais Allardville Lodge on trail 376, off trail 23
  • Take back trail 23 and reach trail 19, which you’ll find on your right
  • Continue on trail 331 and enjoy views of Pokeshaw Rock and the Chaleur Bay coastline.
  • Get back on trail 19 at the end of trail 331
  • Enjoy some more coastal views on trail 19 and get back to your hotel in Caraquet



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