The Splendours of the Caraquet Bay

The Splendours of the Caraquet Bay

Chaleur Region Acadian Peninsula Snowmobiling

Total Distance: 290 km

Get ready to discover some beautiful coastal scenery with this awesome loop on the north shore of the Acadian Peninsula provided by Ronald Lanteigne, president of the Club Motoneige Nord-Est.

To really make the most of this sweet little ride, start from Les Chalets de la Plage in Bas-Caraquet on trail 340 to reach trail 335.

Head southwest on trail 335 until you reach trail 19, and then take a right. Trail 19 will allow you to ride right by the Caraquet Bay.

You can stop for a morning coffee break on trail 336 (off trail 19) at spots, such as Tim Hortons or Subway, or you can keep going on trail 19 to reach Grains de folie coffee shop if you’re in for something different.

On the 19, you’ll get to cross a bridge, pass by an old train station and see a beautiful little windmill where you can take wonderful pictures.

Depending on the weather and the time of the year, you may also see ice fishing cabins as well as fishermen installing fishing nets on the Bay.

Pass beyond Teagues Shelter on trail 19 and keep going until you reach trail 331. Take trail 331 on your right to come back toward Caraquet on the shoreline of the Chaleur Bay.

You’ll get to enjoy the views of the Gaspésie and its beautiful elevations in the horizon.

On your way back, stop at Resto chez Isa to try some delicious homemade Acadian cuisine.

After lunch, continue on trail 19 all the way up to Lamèque. See another old train station in Inkerman close to the shelter there and admire breathtaking landscapes by the water on your way to the islands.

Ride all the way through trail 19 leading right next to Miscou Bridge. You’ll enjoy some amazing views of Miscou Island and the ocean.

Now, the choice is yours. Come back by trail 19 all the way to Bas-Caraquet or take a detour on trail 351 to visit Lamèque Island some more.

When you arrive in Bas-Caraquet again via trail 19, take trail 336 and stop at the Association Chasse et pêche du nord de la péninsule right in the woods.

In a nutshell: 1 day, including return trip; about 290 km (180 miles)

  • Starting point at Les Chalets de la Plage in Bas-Caraquet on trail 340
  • Coffee break downtown on trail 336 or at Grains de folie on trail 19
  • Ride on trail 19 and then on trail 331 to see the Caraquet Bay and the Chaleur Bay
  • Lunch break at Resto chez Isa on trail 19
  • Visit Lamèque Island on trail 19 and get some amazing views of Miscou Island
  • Come back on trail 19 or take a short detour on trail 351, and reach back trail 19 later to get back to Bas-Caraquet
  • Turn right on trail 336 and stop at the Chasse et pêche club



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