Discovering the Flavours of Northern New Brunswick
April 28, 2022

Discovering the Flavours of Northern New Brunswick

You know northern New Brunswick for its unspoiled beaches, mountain biking trails and unparalleled hospitality ... but did you know that from Edmundston to Shippagan, you can also find some of the best restaurants in the province? From a flowery cafe to a former Top Chef Canada competitor, from a Hawaiian dairy bar to a field pizzeria, there's something for everyone. Come and discover all the flavors of New Brunswick with us! 


The garden patio: Café Flora

We envy visitors from Quebec and whose first stop here is the café Flora, at the New Brunswick Botanical Garden! Between the wonderful, shaded patio, the view of the flowers of the botanical garden and the flavors in the meal, this is a unique experience. Savor dishes with local flavors like eggs benedict with fiddleheads and absolutely save a place for exquisite desserts.

  • 15 boulevard Isidore-Boucher, Saint-Jacques (Edmundston)
  • Without reservation. When busy, leave your name at the reception and take the opportunity to visit the botanical garden: the ticket is valid all day!

Vegetarian paradise: Café Lotus Bleu

Vegetarians, rejoice in downtown Edmundston, the café Lotus Bleu is a great place to eat a light lunch or dinner. This relaxed café offers tasty lunches as well as a deli corner where you can refuel up on good teas and quality products.

  • 52 chemin Canada, Edmundston

The restaurant with the Prohibition atmosphere: Moonshin’hers

A whiskey bar, a funny place for lunch? And yet the Moonshin’hers is one of the best restaurants in Edmundston. Classics like the burger or salmon tartare are revisited and beautifully presented in delightful plates. On the walls, old photos take us back to the days of Prohibition. Remember to come back in the evening to enjoy a whiskey on the patio!

  • 45 rue de l’église, Edmundston

Caffeine fix: Brûlerie du Vieux Poste

Your pleasure of discovering the Brûlerie du Vieux Poste will be matched only by the pleasure of the owners to instruct you. With their help, find THE coffee that you like. For those with a sweet tooth, the establishment offers homemade pastries under the Délice Ultime brand. We are already craving these, don't you? On the menu: tasty chocolate chip cookies or gluten-free carrot cakes.

  • 55 rue Emerson, Edmundston
  • Only take-out

Craft beers at Les Brasseurs du Petit Sault

Les Brasseurs du Petit Sault are the most popular microbrewery in the region, a well-deserved success. Try craft beers like Sister Catherine or Louis XVII, or Sentiers Madawaska Trails, a light blend of cherry, cranberry, and hibiscus. Enjoy it on the sunny terrace! If indecision, bartenders will be happy to take the time to make recommendations.

Other places worth visiting:

  • Frank’s Grill & Bar, restaurant with a chic atmosphere where to taste the famous ploye
  • Boulangerie Chez François in case of the munchies
  • Le Pirate de la Mer, for your seafood cravings


Pizzeria champêtre: Atelier gourmand

Imagine a pizzeria with picnic tables in a field, where wood-fired pizzas are prepared to perfection, using local products. You will find all this at Atelier gourmand. A delightful country atmosphere, where you can enjoy exceptional pizzas while licking your fingers at the end.

  • 803 rue Chaleur, Charlo
  • Call to order before you travel, especially if you are coming from far away!

Healthy lunch at Café Europa

A little behind downtown Campbellton is the friendly café Europa, the perfect place to eat delicious healthy meals. Grilled cheese sandwiches, quinoa salad and bubble tea are on the menu, among other delicacies.

  • 10 Village Avenue, Campbellton

Ice cream with a view: Crèmerie Bon Ami

Come to Dalhousie for ice cream from the Creamery Bon Ami, stay for the exceptional setting. Choose from dozens of flavors, each more delicious than the next, before setting off to savor your delicacies in Inch Arran Park, between lighthouse, bay view and pierced rock. The best of summer!

At the heart of hives: Miellerie Honey House

To discover the world of bees and leave with your annual stock of honey, head to miellerie HoneyHouse. You can visit the shop, but the experience not to be missed is discovering the beehives, including beekeeping suits. Follow a guide-interpreter who will open a beehive to reveal all its secrets to you! And leave with honey, royal jelly, or mead according to season.

  • 280 chemin Craig, Charlo
  • The shop can be visited without appointment, but you need to book a guided tour of the hives.


  • Brasserie 1026, to sample local craft beers in a lively atmosphere.
  • Savoie’s Brewhouse: a nanobrewery to discover at the Chalets du Héron, in Charlo. Take out only.

Other good addresses:

  • Chez Wes, for an excellent poutine to eat on the Esplanade picnic tables, with a view of Chaleur Bay
  • Smoke on the Water, for all your grilling desires

Chaleur Region

Le café chaleureux: Auberge Anjou-Cocooning Café

At Petit-Rocher, Cocooning Café is well worth the detour, and it is not the locals who will contradict us: the café is the meeting point for residents from opening to closing! Treat yourself to French pastries to die for like éclairs, millefeuilles or Saint-Honoré ... A treat! The café also offers lunch plates, paninis, and pizzas, all in a warm setting.

  • 587 rue Principale, Petit-Rocher

Eat like you're at Top Chef at Fresco Kitchen

If you've always dreamed of eating the food prepared at Top Chef Canada, now is your chance! Joel Aubie, the head of Fresco Kitchen, is a former contestant on the show. It offers a short menu, synonymous with fresh products with tenfold flavors for tasty dishes of European inspiration. A must!

  • 224 avenue King, Bathurst

Unique flavors in a cinema atmosphere: Cast & Crew Gastropub

Cast & Crew Gastropub hides many wonders. Pamper yourself with a good comforting burger or try refreshing new flavors like goat-sage risotto, fried halloumi, and stuffed zucchini. The cinema-themed decor is an invitation to extend the evening at the Apollo cinema next door.

  • 855 rue Sainte Anne, Bathurst

Caffeine fix: Kaffeine Espresso Bar

In downtown Bathurst, Kaffeine Espresso Bar has it all: warm decor, excellent coffee, and local products. For a change, let yourself be tempted by one of their seasonal creations, such as hot rose milk or hot chocolate with cardamom.

  • 145 rue Main, Bathurst


  • 13 Barrels is a microbrewery with a patio offering a beautiful view of Bathurst Harbor. In case of craving, order one of their paninis prepared by the Cocooning Café.
  • Au Bootlegger: this bar serves local beers on a huge flower-filled patio.
  • Chez Four Rivers, the trick is to order your wood-fired pizza from Pizza13 next door. Take the alarm and sit in front of a craft beer from the Four Rivers while you wait. Go get your pizza when it's ready. Enjoy!
  • Wine lovers will find what they are looking for at the wine bar Vino Bar & Lounge.

Patio Bootlegger in Bathurst

Other good addresses:

  • Boulangerie R&J: a French bakery on the Waterfront promenade. Come early because the bakery is quickly robbed!
  • Confiserie Andréa: impossible to enter this confectionery without having eyes pop out of the head in front of the profusion of delicacies, treats, candies and other fine chocolates. It is literally a sweet tooth's paradise!
  • Dilli Delight: a street truck that prepares delicious Indian food to eat on the beach near Beresford.
  • Lucia’s Cuisine: discover Lucia's exquisite Filipino cuisine, a true delight!
  • Igloo: a dairy bar with Hawaiian decor that gives the impression of being in the south! Enjoy a mouth-watering gelato or French pancake on the weekend.

Acadian Peninsula

Pecking platters and ocean views: Cielo Hub

At Cielo Hub, the domain bar Cielo Glamping Maritime, literally choose whatever you eat. The genius idea is to let everyone compose the platter of their dreams from the charcuterie, fish, cheese, and chocolate available. Then let the team prepare them nicely on a platter. Fancy some cold cuts? Chocolate craving? Choose your own platter to enjoy against the backdrop of the setting sun in Shippagan Bay and leave with a smile on your face.

  • 232 chemin des Huîtres, Shippagan

The soul of Caraquet: La Boulangerie Grains de Folie

La Boulangerie Grains de Folie is an institution in Caraquet: it brings together all generations, every day, in a friendly atmosphere. Enjoy lunch with pastries or hearty breakfast plates on weekends. Take the opportunity to stock up on delicatessen products or books at the Pélagie bookstore next door.

  • 171 Boulevard Saint-Pierre Ouest, Caraquet

The chic pizzeria: Pinokkio Pizzeria Resto-Bar

Nice atmosphere and tastefully decorated in Pinokkio, close to the port of Shippagan. The restaurant is part of the initiative Our Points of Pride in showcasing local products, from appetizer to dessert. People come here for wood-fired pizzas, but the menu is not to be outdone, with its fine Italian-inspired dishes.

  • 121 16e rue, Shippagan

The baroque restaurant in a campsite: Le Couvent, seasonal cuisine

It's hard to be more unusual than arriving at Couvent: the parking lot at the entrance to the Tracadie River aquapark campground must have surprised many. But once you pass through the front door, you find yourself in another world, made of baroque decor and refined flavors. Let yourself be tempted by the arancini with wild mushrooms or by pieces of beef that melt in your mouth.

  • 3205 rue Alcide, Tracadie-Sheila

Caffeine fix: Aloha Café Boutique

The café-boutique Aloha is a little wonder of fantasy: between Hawaiian decor, delicacies and creations of local crafts, this is the gourmet stopover not to be missed if you are on your way to the Acadian Islands!

  • 41 rue Principale, Lamèque


  • La Brôkerie and la Chope are two neighboring bars at Carrefour de la Mer in Caraquet. Order from one or the other and take a seat on their large sunny patio to end the day on a friendly note.
  • Distillerie du Fils du Roy: in addition to offering free backstage tours of the brewery, this place turns into a bar for 5 to 7. Try spruce or maple beer.
  • Brasserie Retro: microbrewery to take-out at the entrance to the Colibri campsite (Bertrand).
  • Houblon-Pêcheur: a microbrewery in Village-des-Poirier. Find their products in bars and restaurants in the area.
  • Les Brasseux d’la Côte (Tracadie): ask for a tasting tray to capture the diversity of their craft beers. Our favorite: the Vélorousse or the ultra-cool Radler for hot days.

Other addresses to discover:

  • Café-bistro du Village historique acadien: after your visit to the historic village, revitalize your strength with Acadian dishes such as fish cakes, chowder, or rosettes.
  • Le Carrefour de la mer: there is no shortage of inviting patios at Carrefour de la mer, in Caraquet, between Crapet, Ross Gelato, La Fringale café, you have plenty of places to choose form!
  • La Terrasse à Steve, great classic for seafood.

So, when are you coming to discover the flavors of northern New Brunswick? We are waiting for you!



Chaleur Region

Acadian Peninsula