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Crazy trip from Campbellton to Edmundston Edmundston Campbellton Spring Summer Fall Winter 500 km This cool trip is based on a suggestion by Dave Brewster, vice president of the Nepisiguit Sport... Loop Details
Northwest Roundtrip from Bathurst Edmundston Campbellton Chaleur Region 443 km 13 h After a hearty breakfast at the Atlantic Host in Bathurst, head east on trail 19.Stop for a shor... Loop Details
One-day Acadian Adventure Chaleur Region Acadian Peninsula 220 km 5h30 This awesome loop can be started from different locations or hotels in Caraquet. We’ll simply st... Loop Details
Restigouche Treasure Trail Campbellton 180 km 4h30 Starting at the Winter Warming Station, a visitor information centre in Campbellton, hop on trai... Loop Details
Road to Piston Alley Chaleur Region 240 km This awesome loop has been graciously provided by Dave Brewster, vice president of the Nepisigui... Loop Details
Sweet ride around the Sugarloaf Campbellton Chaleur Region 400 km This loop has been provided to us by Valmond Hachey, president of the Chaleur Snowmobile Club. S... Loop Details
Mount Carleton and the wilderness Chaleur Region 286 km This loop has been put together by Valmond Hachey, president of the Chaleur Snowmobile Club. Rea... Loop Details
The Splendours of the Caraquet Bay Chaleur Region Acadian Peninsula 290 km Get ready to discover some beautiful coastal scenery with this awesome loop on the north shore o... Loop Details
Madawaska Adventures (Part 1) Edmundston 145 km Afternoon at Lake Baker From Travelodge Hotel in Edmundston, rev up your machine and get on your... Loop Details
Madawaska Adventures (Part 2) Edmundston 170 km Moose Valley in the Mountains After a restful night at either Comfort Inn or Best Western Plus ... Loop Details




Chaleur Region

Acadian Peninsula