Restigouche Treasure Trail

Restigouche Treasure Trail

Restigouche Snowmobiling

Total Distance: 180 km

Estimated time: 4h30

Starting at the Winter Warming Station, a visitor information centre in Campbellton, hop on trail 17 and get ready to see picturesque views of mountains and lakes.

Stop at Restigouche Snowmobile Club on trail 17 for a quick coffee break.

Briefly leave trail 17 for the 236 for memorable views of Squaw Cap Mountain, with its beautiful prominent peak.

Get back on trail 17, turn left on 255 and continue on 259. Head south on trail 22 to reach Island Lake Lodge for lunch and gas.

Return on your steps on trail 22 and ride up north in direction of Charlo.

Turn right on trail 285 and then ride through trail 279, which will lead you directly to Savoie’s Brewhouse, where you’ll get to taste local beers.

Stay the night at Heron’s Nest Cottages located on the same site as Savoie’s Brewhouse, where you’ll find wonderful accommodations with amazing views on the Chaleur Bay.

In a nutshell: 1-day trip, about 180 km (112 miles)

  • Starting point: Winter Warming Station in Campbellton
  • Hop on trail 17 and stop for a coffee at Restigouche Snowmobile Club
  • Take trail 236 off trail 17 to see Squaw Cap Mountain
  • Pit stop at Island Lake Lodge via trails 17, 255, 259 and 22
  • Get to Savoie’s Brewhouse in Charlo using trails 22, 285, and 279
  • Spend the night at Heron’s Nest Cottages



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